Going forward Metro PCS REQUIRES that every Qpay dealer has a valid Metro PCS Dealer Code configured in the Qpay system .

YOU WILL ONLY HAVE TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY TO CONFIGURE YOUR Metro PCS Dealer CODE – Starting Thursday, dealers who do not have a valid Metro PCS Dealer Code stored in the Qpay system will not be able to process any Metro PCS payments!

1. Starting tomorrow Tuesday, 2/9/10 - On Metro PCS home page, you will see the phrase “Metro PCS Dealer Code: SETUP NOW” click the EDIT button next to it.

2. After clicking EDIT the system will ask you to enter the MASTER USER credentials

3. Once you enter a valid Master Username and password, you will see a window where you can enter your Metro PCS Dealer Code. The MPCS Dealer code is 8 alpha-numeric characters in length (most have a combination of letters and numbers). IF YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR DEALER CODE, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR Metro PCS Account Service Representative – QPAY CUSTOMER SERVICE DOES NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THIS INFORMATION.

4. The system will ONLY save the entered dealer code if it is valid and active with Metro PCS – The home page will update to display the saved code as shown below. You should have no need to edit this code again if it was entered properly the first time.

In addition to validating access to payments, this dealer code will be used to ensure you get the proper commissions – it will be checked by Metro PCS for accuracy so it is very important you input the proper code specific to your branch location.

If you need assistance with your MetroPCS Dealer Code, please contact your MetroPCS Rep

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What if I don’t know my location MetroPCS Dealer Code?
    1. If you don’t know your location MetroPCS dealer code you should contact your MetroPCS Rep – Qpay customer service does not have your MetroPCS dealer code information.
  2. What if I entered an invalid code?
    1. If you entered an invalid code, you will get an error message “Invalid Dealer Code, please try again” and the system will not allow you to save it.
    2. Please re-try entering your code. If you still receive the error message, you should contact your MetroPCS Rep – Qpay customer service does not have your MetroPCS dealer code information.
  3. What if I entered the wrong code?
    1. Entering the wrong code can cause a Dealer to lose any commission associated to their branch. It is CRITICAL that they enter the correct code.
    2. If the dealer needs to correct their code, they can click on the edit link next to the code.
  4. How many times do I have to enter the MetroPCS Dealer code?
    1. Only once per branch (ex. If you have 6 PCs for the same branch/merchant ID, you only need to log into one of the PCs in the branch and enter the MetroPCS Dealer code.)
    2. If there are multiple branches within a location, you must be careful to enter the correct MetroPCS Dealer code for each Branch if the codes are different.
  5. What if I don’t enter the code by Thursday 2/11/2010?
    1. On the MetroPCS page, you will be unable to click on any MetroPCS related buttons or enter any information aside from ‘edit’. This does not affect any other non-MetroPCS payments that you can normally process.
    2. If your primary page is MetroPCS, you will be allowed to select another product from the provider drop-down list or click on the “Show all providers” button.