Business Services

Incomm Agent Solutions offers a suite of services designed with the cash-centric consumer in mind.

At the core of our business is a payment processing platform that incorporates a powerful, real-time, infinitely scalable server, combined with an existing network of over 10,000 walk-in pay agent locations nationwide. Additionally, we can quickly deploy our platform to any number of non-Incomm Agent Solutions agents nationwide.

As a natural expansion of our business, we have begun to develop specialized retail products, beginning with our Kiosk payment systems, both in-store and outward 24 hours per day machines. In addition, we offer International Long Distance Products that have been very popular with both consumers and sales agents alike.

What's more, our reporting utilities are second-to-none. All of our partners, agents, and service providers alike enjoy scalable and fully customizable access to all activities related to their payment processing and sales activities.